Benefits of dental implants as a treatment for
Dental Restoration

For centuries, the man has been looking for a replacement, a treatment for the loss of teeth; techniques and modern equipments have allowed this search to become a reality. Nowadays, the dental implants are possible thanks to the combination of new materials and clinical years of investigation and experiments. The dental implant is truly the most natural solution for the loss of teeth.

There are two types of dental implants; those that are located on the jaw, but under the gums and those that are inserted in the mandibular bone similar to the root of a natural tooth. Both methods provide a strong and safe sustenance for their new teeth and have many advantages over the removable or temporary treatments:

  • The implants recover the natural function to chew and to eat with property.
  • You will fill confident about the strength of your teeth without any movement or falling of your teeth.
  • You will recover the functionality, sensation and natural look of your teeth.
  • The implants will not cause the pressure over your own teeth as it happens with the hooks or glue of the removable dentures that will damage your natural teeth in the long run.
  • No more irritation on your gums.
  • Forget about the uncomfortable glues.
  • You will improve your pronunciation and your speech skills.
  • It will improve your love life and your relationship when increasing considerably your self esteem.
  • You will recover the confidence to express freely affecting positively your job and business capabilities.
  • The dental implants help to reduce the loss of mandibular bone due to its function as natural roots.
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