Centro de Implantología Oral Amilkar Ariza


Dr. Amilkar Ariza Gomez is considered the pioneer of Oral Implantology in Colombia. More than 30 years of practice and investigating new techniques of Oral Implantology, have given him many recognitions at national and international levels, including the World-wide award of Oral Implantology given in Munich - Germany in 1984 and the personal recognition of the President of the United States, George Bush.

The Centro de Implantología Oral Amilkar Ariza has organized world conventions and congresses of Oral Implantology in Colombia and around the world successfully, due to the international reputation of Dr. Amilkar Ariza Gomez.

The Centro de Implantología Oral Amilkar Ariza is the organization behind the operation and management of Ariza Dental Center.

Ariza Dental Center is a clinic specialized in aesthetics, dental implants and oral rehabilitation, and it is lead by doctor Luis Fernando Ariza in addition to laboratory assistants and auxiliary personnel, creating a group of professionals highly qualified and dedicated exclusively to serve you.

Now days, Ariza Dental Center is visited by several patients from around the world who are looking for a personalized attention, professionalism, very reasonable costs and financing options for our treatments.



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